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degree and course information

bachelor of science in applied computing
Java. Program design and implementation, debugging and testing, simple data types, conditionals, loops, and methods.View my course work on GitHub
Logic sets, functions, reasoning, probability, relations, graphs, trees, Boolean algebra, algorithms.
Legal and ethical considerations associated with developing software and information systems. Topics include data privacy, intellectual property, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Java. Methods, file IO, arrays, abstract data types, classes, GUIs, inheritance, composition.View my course work on GitHub
SQL. Design and implementation of relational databases. Data modeling techniques including entity-relationships, database normalization, and querying features.
Systems development life cycle including scope definition, problem analysis, requirements analysis, logical design, and decision analysis. Other topics include use case development, gap analysis, financial analysis, feasibility analysis
Introduction to project management tools and techniques, including project selection, project life cycle, stakeholder management, scope management, budget management, scheduling, quality management, risk identification, and procurement management.
Java. Object-Oriented programming techniques. Classes, interfaces, exception handling, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading, abstract classes and methods, serialization, generics, and recursion.View my course work on GitHub
Design, configuration, and problem solving of computer networks. Topics include TCP/IP and OSI architecture, application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link, and physical layers.
MongoDB, Apache Cassandra. Non-relational (NoSQL) databases such as document, graph, key-value, and wide column databases. Topics include data types, CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functions, queries, cursors, indexing, dynamic schema design, scalability, analysis of data, and data security.
Java. Topics cover security and risk management, security engineering, identity and access management, security operations, cryptography, access control models, malicious software, security policies, security models, trust, vulnerability assessment, security standards and evaluation, and secure storage.View my course work on GitHub
Java. Abstract data types, dynamic arrays, iterators, linked lists, generics, stacks, queues, binary search tree, collections, maps, hashing, graphs, sorting, graphics, web programming, and user interfaces.View my course work on GitHub
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, Django, web services, and database integration.View my course work on GitHubView my Django project on GitHub
Topics covered include processes, threads, scheduling, concurrency control, memory management, and systems programming using POSIX API.
Java. Topics covered include waterfall, iterative and agile approaches to software development, IDEs, unified modeling language (UML), testing frameworks, requirement analysis, object-oriented analysis, test-driven development, and design patterns.
Review of software engineering practices, project management techniques, systems analysis, communication, and project selection and planning.
Updates to Ambiance.dev including: Initialize Firestore database, create administrative UI, enable authentication, add API routes, and more.See my progress on GitHub