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A most fabulous self portrait of the site owner, Maggie

just the highlights

Languages: Java,  JavaScript,  TypeScript,  HTML,  SQL

Skills: Git,  Node.js,  React.js,  CSS

Tools: GitHub,  VSCode,  Eclipse,  Oracle SQL Developer  Trello,  Microsoft Project,

Hire Me:  Actively seeking employment!

Hello! That's me on the left, Maggie. I built this website using Gatsby (then migrating to Netlify) with a combination of JavaScript (React), HTML, and CSS. Of course, that's only important because I'm an applied computing student. I graduated in May of 2024 with my BS and am actively seeking entry-level positions or internships. I have more to share in the about section, more code under projects, and relevant coursework under education - stick around and have a look!